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Hacienda Caracolillo - Coffee Farm Spotlight

Hacienda Caracolillo - Coffee Farm Spotlight

Posted by Puerto Rico Coffee Team on Nov 27th 2023

Hacienda Caracolillo, July 2021

Maricao, Puerto Rico - Hacienda Caracolillo is nested in the beautiful mountains of Indiera Baja in Maricao, Puerto Rico. The 240-acre coffee farm is the jewel of Café Yaucono as this is where a large portion of Café Yaucono’s coffee is produced.

Hacienda Caracolillo earned worldwide fame towards the end of the 20th century for being the principal producer of Yauco Selecto, an emblematic coffee brand in the specialty coffee export market.

The farm focuses on the harvest of high-quality arabica coffee. The farm also serves as a source for high-quality seeds of the Limaní, Frontón, Obatá, and Acauá varieties.

Hacienda Caracolillo is home to two (2) high-quality Marsellesa variety seed lots, certified by World Coffee Research. We are proud and honored to be part of the WCR’s efforts toward building a more resilient coffee industry.

The farm operation is blessed to have over fifteen full-time farm employees throughout the year and an additional five employees during the harvest season.

Hacienda Caracolillo is one of three of Puerto Rico Coffee Roaster's farms dedicated to the production of coffee for the PRCR coffee brands, including Café Yaucono, Café Alto Grande, Café Rico, Café Crema, and many others.

Thank you for reading about Hacienda Caracolillo. Make sure to visit our store and delight yourself in the goodness of Puerto Rico's coffee.