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Hacienda Encantos - Coffee Farm Spotlight

Hacienda Encantos - Coffee Farm Spotlight

Posted by Puerto Rico Coffee Team on Nov 27th 2023

Welcome to our first coffee farm spotlight for 2022. This series will give you a virtual coffee farm tour experience as we visit the farms that produce the coffee we purchase for roasting.

Puerto Rico Coffee Roasters purchases coffee cheries and green coffee beans (unroasted dry coffee) from thousands of coffee farmers throughout the island. Along with the women and men that tend to them, these farms are the true heroes behind the delicious coffee cup you enjoy every day.

Our first spotlight in 2022 is Hacienda Encantos. This enchanting farm is located between 2600 and 3000 ft above sea level in the mountains of Jayuya, Puerto Rico. Hacienda Encantos is one of the three coffee farms owned and operated by our own team at Puerto Rico Coffee Roasters.

The farm has over 300 acres of land. Approximately 150 are active coffee plantations, and the remaining land is reserved for conservation purposes.

The farm, which also has one of our coffee tree nurseries, is managed by a team of 20-40 women and men. The team is comprised of members as young as 18 and other members well over their 60 years young. Experience merged with youthful enthusiasm and drive makes for an incredible working atmosphere at Hacienda Encantos.

Hacienda Encantos is a 100% Arabica coffee farm with 8 varieties in the active harvest. The farm is Puerto Rico's only farm in active collaboration with World Coffee Research through the International Multilocation Variety Trial, a first-of-its-kind undertaking to facilitate the global exchange of the world’s highest quality coffee varieties. (Read more here)

This beautiful coffee hacienda is the birthplace of many of our best coffee batches. The ideal soil, perfect temperatures, and elevation help our team harvest some of Puerto Rico's best specialty coffee.

You can enjoy coffee harvest from Hacienda Encantos in products such as Encantos Origins, Café Yaucono, and Café Alto Grande.

Thank you for visiting Hacienda Encantos with us. We look forward to our next Coffee Farm Spotlight.

Enjoy the following photographs of Hacienda Encantos: