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Café Alto Grande Specialty Grade Green Coffee

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Café Alto Grande Specialty Grade Coffee


  • Puerto Rico’s first Super Premium Coffee
  • The most recognized and respected gourmet coffee in the local market.
  • Strong reputation for outstanding quality and consistency.
  • Fair direct compensation to farmers and pickers to a federal US minimum wage


  • 100% Arabica beans from the highest coffee producing region of Puerto Rico
  • Tropical forest weather provide for the ideal conditions and nutrients for its unique flavor profile
  • We proudly manage our coffee from the farm to the final distribution
  • Selected from the best cherries up to the process at our Hacienda Alto Grande Beneficio in Lares
  • Bean size, density and color classification to ensure the best quality


Since 1839 the Hacienda Alto Grande, nestled deep in the mountains of Lares, Puerto Rico, has been the exclusive producer of a rare kind coffee acclaimed since the early Nineteenth Century as one of the world’s finest in the Royal Courts of Europe and the Vatican in Rome, Alto Grande Super Premium Coffee.

Alto Grande Super Premium Coffee has been known as “the very best” because its unique Arabica beans are grown under ideal soil and climate conditions and processed to the most exacting standards. Experts enthusiastically describe it as follows “This rare and exotic Puerto Rican coffee has a very bright, sparkling flavor and a sweet pointed aroma”.

For generations our people has personally selected the finest elite Arabica coffee bean and supervised every aspect of production in order to maintain the highest quality standards of Alto Grande Super Premium Coffee. This allows us to certify the authenticity of each and every bag of this coffee.

In 2010, Hacienda Alto Grande was acquired by Puerto Rico Coffee Roaster, the main coffee roaster in the Island. In this transaction, and after a complete renovation of its coffee processing equipment, the world renowned Yauco Selecto producing farm (Hacienda Caracolillo) was merged with the Hacienda Alto Grande operation combining the best coffee farms in the ideal coffee producing regions with the most modern and quality oriented Beneficio to produce the best coffee ever in the island.

Alto Grande Super Premium Coffee is pride, quality, tradition, flavor and aroma; the perfect combination in one cup.